Video of clicking / ticking hard drive needing data recovery

I dropped my usb hard drive and when I plugged it in again there is a clicking noise and nothing comes up on my computer – I found this video of a ticking hard drive which describes my problem well:

Click of death on Seagate 7200.11 from HDD Recovery on Vimeo.

Although the light and everything is still flashing. Is there anyway of retrieving my photos everything is on there. Unable to open the drive. Disk management detected the drive

I dropped my Toshiba hard drive, now it’s making a clicking noise so I unplugged it.
Is there any way of recovering my data?
How much would it cost?

my external hard drive stopped working , I can see it from my pc , it can not be accessible , as you mentors on above looks like it is over heated , there is noise with high speed. Then it stops but I can access drove , can you please fix it or recover data

I have an HP laptop that has a failure in the hard drive. I have been told by a local computer shop the data can be recovered but I need a more specialised hard drive recovery company. Can you tell me the price to recover the data from a 1tb hard drive. An email reply would be preferable and if you can confirm how long you the process would take with a rough price / estimate, this would be great. The hard drive is making a ticking noise.

We’re looking for a professional help with our external Hard Drive (Lacie brand) to get the data out. When you attach the Hard Drive it doesn’t show any icon on desktop, you only can feel by putting your hand on it that it’s working, but there is no chance to look at it or get anything out. Would you be able to give me a quote how much your service const for this sort of problem? HDD making clicking sound, need to repair or recovery data. what would be the cost

I had a moment of frustration with my laptop recently which resulted in it being subjected to several impacts. When switching the laptop on I get a constant beeping noise and nothing else. I have lots of family photos that I’d like to retrieve if at all possible. Is this something you can assist with?

Ticking noise on wd ext hard drive. Can’t read. Can you please give me an estimate on recovery and how you chargeA friend tried helping me getting a external 2,5”, 1tb usb 3.0 hard drive up and running again after the head was stuck on the platter. I think he damaged more that he repaired. I think the hard disc requires a platter swap or scanner head swap.