SSD Data Recovery

Below are several SSD data recovery enquiries received by Datlabs data recovery in the last few weeks.

Adata SSD Data Recovery

ADATA SSD ASU650SS-960GT has failed. It seems due to a power surge. The SSD HD is not detected by the BIOS anymore. Could this be an electrical failure? The folder and files on it are essential for a doctors surgery in Manchester. We have clinics everyday and need the data back from the SSD as soon as possible

Video Camera Data Recovery

We have a digital video camera which got wet on a holiday if possible we would like to get any video of the holiday we are not worried if the camera can be repaired but I would be nice to get a copy of the holiday. The hard drive of the camera is an SSD and it’s the SSD that we want the photos and videos recovering from. We are located in the Greater Manchester area and want to find a local data recovery service.

Restore files from broken Samsung SSD

Samsung SSDSamsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD. Returned home after being away for 2 months and PC would not detect the drive. After testing I confirmed that the drive is not being detected and the fault lies with the drive. There is no reason that anything should have happened so I believe the data should be recoverable.

Western Digital SSD File Recovery

My Western Digital SSD Hard Drive has recently stopped working. The it lights up when I have connected all the wires but isn’t recognised by the computer and no sound is heard from the Hard Drive. Is there any way of retrieving what is on there?

Recover AWR Data Files

Not able to read SSD data from drive. All of the JPGs are also backed up elsewhere, but the ARW files are not. An attempt has been made to recover data non-destructively, but has not been possible. Need those ARW images.