Recovering Data from APFS hard drives

In this post the popular UK data recovery company Data Clinic Ltd share some hard drive recovery information.

Recover APFS formatted hard drive
The usb disk (APFS format) fell down on the floor while still connected to the macbook. Then it disconnected itself. Since then it is making a ticking noise when powered on and is no longer mounting when connected. On windows it says it is uninitialized. The amount of data for Data Clinic Ltd to recover is around 2.5TB. We live in London, near Lombard Street.

Laptop with APFS hard drive needs data recovery
I’ve poured some wine on it 3 weeks ago and went to Apple in Leicester checked the connection and connector are a bit damaged but the rest are all fine. I just need to take out all the folders from my laptop to transfer to my hard drive, please, they are so important.

WD Elements APFS drive not recognised
I have an WD elements SE which runs Apple APFS – I was working with last night on apple macbook I ejected by accident last night and its been unrecognisable ever since, i have tried all of the suggestions in regards to what to do with my macbook to get it to show again but still nothing I am also concerned its making a ticking noise for a little while and then goes silent. I know there’s a branch of Data Clinic in Glasgow that can restore the data from the hard drive for me.

External APFS hard drive recoveryMy external hard drive recently started showing “the file or directory is corrupted or unreadable” when I plug it into my laptop and I have tried the chkdsk method trying to fix it. After using chkdsk, I can see the folders in the hard drive but after I click in it shows nothing. However, I think my data is still in the drive (because storage shows 81.9GB free of 298GB) but I definitely need help to fix this error. The hard drive uses the new APFS filesystem – is there a local Data Clinic data recovery company that I can look to get the data back for me? – I work in Northampton.

Apple APFS