Recover data from Samsung A20e and Seagate Hard Disc

Samsung A20eRecover data from Samsung A20e

Samsung A20e pattern locked, slight broken screen. Have attached mouse , tried various software but still unable to gain access. No cloud storage so all photos and contacts on the phone. USB is set to file transfer and cant be changed.
This is my Friends and need a quote to back to her to recover her data please.

I would like to enquire if it would be possible to recover photos from a honeymoon trip from a phone that accidentally got dropped into water. It’s as a gift for my sister as she was devastated. I believe that the phone is a Samsung A20e model that no longer works at all but we hope that it may be possible to retrieve something. Let me know what you think is possible,the time it may take and a approximate cost.
Samsung phone, photos saved to the phone not the sd card.

Reply: Take a look at this page for data recovery information relating to hard disc drives and smartphones:

Broken Seagate hard disc

Hard Disc Device is an old 500GB Seagate 7000.10 from a broken old Desktop computer. The Drive contains photos from my parents wedding, which I am hoping to get a backup copy of. At the very least I has hoping to set it up as an additional HDD. I have used a UGREEN USB-A to SATA converter, and received no results. Disc does not seem to boot up when powered. Have tried changing the Disc volume letter, reinstalling the USB drivers and using free software for disc recovery. They detected no Media, only the USB/SATA adaptor itself.

Bitlocker encrypted hard drive

iStorage external hard drive displaying error ‘not accessible, access is denied’ Bitlocker message appeared and I do not have access to the password or recovery key. The hard drive has a key pad on the front which I have the code for, is it possible to retrieve any of the data from this. It has already been sent away by CurrysPC world to their data recovery centre but they were unable to achieve anything…would you be able to help.

Reply: It’s not possible to recover the data from a hard drive that has Bitlocker encryption when the decryption keys have been lost.