Phone Data Recovery

Damaged phoneIn addition to the hard drive recovery services I provide, I now offer phone recovery services on iPhones and Android phones too; extracting the data from mobile and smartphones that have broken or developed a fault.

Phone data recovery is a relatively new skill that is rapidly evolving with each new model of phone that is released. Not many companies offer phone recovery and the one’s that do only provide a limited form of recovery relying on software to extract the data from the phone. However this approach is high level and useless if the phone is unusable because it has a damaged screen, will not turn on or is stuck in a boot loop etc.

My phone recovery techniques are low level, meaning that I use methods that extract the data from the phone directly, without having to go through a high level and restrictive operating system such as Windows that severely limits what I can and can’t do recovery wise.

My data extraction techniques recover all the available data from the phone, so that’s everything that still exists in the phone’s memory that has not been overwritten. This includes

  • Calls and call logs
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Contacts and Address Books
  • SMS and MMS messages
  • WhatsApp and other chat app conversations
  • Diaries
  • GPS Data (maps and locations)
  • Internet browsing
  • Deleted data

My phone recovery services include both iPhones and Android devices (LG, Samsung, Sony, HTC etc). Call me to arrange a free diagnosis or use the contact form to contact me and I’ll call you back.