Phone Data Recovery Bolton, Blackburn, Rossendale, Stockport

iPhone Recovery in Blackburn, Bolton

iPhone XS with water damage. Phone will not turn on or charge. Screen does show charge screen, but won’t boot up. Do you have a phone recovery shop in Blackburn, Greater Manchester?
At the very least I’d like to recover data from the phone which is not backed up and includes a large amount of sentimental pictures and videos. If it is possible to get a back up file to transfer all data and info to a new iphone that would be amazing and if it could be fixed completely (and cost effectively) that would be even better.

iPhone File Recovery Bolton

Map showing Blackburn, Bolton, Rossendale and StockportHello, my iPhone X has been damaged by sea water a month ago. I took it to iSmash in Bolton to get them to recover the data but they were not able to fix it. Since the data (photos and documents in particular) are really important for me, I’d like to ask you please have a look into that and try to make it work or at least save the data in an external memory/another phone.

Can you recover delete files from a iphone se only whats been deleted without back up, messages,whats app messages/attachments and photos? Based in blackburn.

Samsung Phone data recovery in Rossendale

Cracked screen on a samsung A40 smartphone that worked for a few weeks but no longer does.
I have two months worth of photos of my baby on there that I stupidly haven’t backed up and would like to retrieve

Samsung phone recovery in Stockport

I dropped my samsung s6 while in Stockport, it already had an external crack on the screen. It now seems to have an internal crack and will not turn on. Charging red and green lights work, when off the charger a blue light keeps flashing. When plugging into my laptop it doesn’t show up. When using recovery software like dr fone and fonedog, it starts scanning but stops at around 20%. I would like to get a quote for data recovery (ideally in Stockport) if possible