Hard Drive Woes

Hard drive stopped being recognised
My Hard Drive has stopped being recognised by my computer. It went slowly, with some files not being able to be read and then eventually none, and then it would not even appear in my Devices and Drives. I confirmed that it was not a BIOS issue as it did not show on there either, and it is not a wiring issue. I briefly opened it in an attempt to see if there were any mechanical issues inside it but stopped before going too far for fear of damaging it further. It is a Seagate Barracuda 2000GB Internal Hard Drive (Certified Repaired) and ideally I would require a full copy of the files on there.

Gelderd Road LeedsLaptop doesn’t recognise hard drive
My laptop won’t recognise the hard drive. I’m a Leeds school teacher and it has all of my data on it. Some is back up but not all of it. I tried some ideas from the internet on the device management it said code 10. I can’t open my anti virus to do a scan. I’ve tried a new cable and different computer but it is just doing the same. It has 10 years of work on and I’m devastated as it has hours and hours of work on it. Can you please help?

Hard drive appears as grey
When attempting to transfer a large quantity of music files from my downloads folder on my Mac onto my Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB external hard drive, the files first appeared in grey in the hard drive folder but then failed to transfer and Finder froze. Eventually I tried to reboot Finder to try again but now every time I try to access folders on my hard drive Finder freezes. I’m using a data recovery centre on Gelderd Road in Leeds.
I can still play files from my hard drive on iTunes (my iTunes library is kept on the hard drive) and it is still reading that the hard drive is there but I cannot go through my folders on Finder so therefore cannot delete the failed transfers or do anything else.
I have run First Aid on Disk Utility which says it has been successful but Finder still freezes.
This may be completely irrelevant but since updating my Mac my Norton 360 security has been incompatible and I’m unsure if that caused the files to fail to transfer in the first place as it couldn’t scan them properly.
I think that is all the information I have on my problem but if there’s anything else I can try explain please let me know.