Hard drive recovery and iPhone won’t turn on in Leeds

WD SSD data recovery

WD my passport ssd 256gb, makes device connected sound when plug in, shows as generic hard drive in explorer but slows down/crashes any program that interacts with it. removing hard drive returns windows to normal. i need to retrieve the data and am located close to Leeds, West Yorkshire.

iPhone won’t turn on

It’s an iPhone 6 and I woke up one morning and and it wouldn’t turn on. I took it to get repaired and they said when a battery was replaced it wasn’t done properly. I am trying to obtain a detailed list of web browsing history from an iphone 6. The iphone is in working order with no faults. The info i require is from February 2019 to present date. Is this a job you are able to do I can bring the office into the Gelderd Road data recovery centre in Leeds and can you give me quote to do this work.

iPhone 6S submerged in seawater in November 2019 – does not turn on- attempt made to fix it at local phone shop at the time by deassembling, removing water and changing screen – unsuccessful.

Leeds city, data recovery is available on Gelderd Road

Dropped external hard drive

Yesterday I dropped my external hard drive (Western Digital elements) which contains approximately 5 years worth of work, some of which is not backed up (due to a series of recent laptop failures and changes), it is now clicking when plugged in, suggesting that the read head is either stuck or broken, the power light does come on, but the device is not recognised in My PC (it is showing in the device manager though). I was just wondering what the possibility of either fixing or recovering data from it. Sata Drive, not being recognized. No unusual noises, doesn’t think he can feel it powering up.