Edinburgh Data Recovery

Data Clinic Ltd the well known UK data recovery company has opened a new data recovery location in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Samsung S6 broken screen Edinburgh
I have a Samsung S6 which was dropped and has a broken screen – I need to get the data recovered from this. When I try to power up I get a black screen and a solid blue light. I’ve tried the usual recovery mode etc, and also tried using a USB Jig to put it into download mode – but no success. I don’t need the device working, but would like to extract the data,

Hi there i’ve got an issue with a WD my passport.
The drive isn’t mounting on my desktop and it can’t be viewed even with disk utility.
I’ve tried a different cable, I’ve tried plugging into different ports, tried it on my other macbook and pc laptop and same issue. I live in Edinburgh and require a data recovery centre in Edinburgh to help me get my files back.
It does make a spinning clicking sound when i plug it in, but it gives up after a few minutes.
The drive is under warranty so WD will replace it but I don’t think they will do anything about retrieving my data. Just wondering if you can help and how much it would be? I’m based in Edinburgh Scotland.

HTC One (Mini) Recovery Edinburgh
I am looking to recover important data from a old phone that has been damaged (screen broke) and bodged repair attempted , the phone is a HTC one mini , it has no water damage and has been stored in a drawer in the office, I’ve included pics
Would this be possible? The data I’m interested in is the camera photographs ,I’m not bothered about the hardware just the photo recovery

I recently bought a 512 GB USB stick (model: Patriot Supersonic Rage Elite) that has stopped working entirely. I’m not talking about a corrupted partition table or deleted partition. The drive is not visible as a block device (lsblk/blkid) and therefore it cannot be selected by partitioning tools and data recovery programs.

Is it possible for you to recover data from faulty hardware? The drive hasn’t been fried or anything, it’s probably just one point on the circuitry that’s given away. The data should still be there intact.

If this is a hardware issue (I’ll gladly be proven wrong of course!) and would require specialised tools to access the data, what would that cost me?

My mother dropped her laptop and it stopped working. She brought it to a technician and was told that the “all the HDD heads were broken”. She has some photos on the HDD that she would like to recover.

Do you fix broken heads for spinning HDDs? If so, what would the expected costs to recover the photos and to send you the drive? (I am in Ireland).

Acer Aspire EasyStore H340 data recovery
We forgot/lost the password on our church Acer Aspire easyStore H340 server that a member setup. Any idea the cost to have the 2 raid1 drives recovered? We have a backup from ‎Sunday, ‎March ‎05, ‎2017, ‏‎10:51:37 AM so only newer files need to be returned and the last year under Covid-19, few new files were created in the office.

Maxtor hard drive not working Edinburgh
My external hard drive, a Maxtor I probably bought 10+ years ago, accidentally fell from my desk and stopped working. After the incident and upon loading, all I could hear was the starting noise on switching on and a ticking noise but nothing else. I was wondering if you could help me assess the entity of the damage and possibly recover the data from it. Also, if the date a is recovered successfully, will it be transferred to a new device/USB?
I must also mention that the drive works with an AC power adaptor and an old USB connector, both of which I don’t have or lost.