Don’t Do This…

Things You Shouldn’t Do With A Broken Hard Drive #1

A) Don’t Take It To A Friend Who “Knows About” Computers

My dad knows a thing or two about football, but he’s not exactly Jose Mourinho… So he may well have his ideas about whether Frank Lampard should have left at the end of last season but when it comes to picking the team for next weekends match, I’ll leave it to Jose.

Speak to someone who knows about data recoveryIt’s the same with a friend who “knows” about computers… Just because they suggested a couple of good ideas when your broadband went down a few months ago doesn’t mean they’ll know the intricacies of hard drive repair.

The danger is because you’re a mate and you’ve asked them to take a look at your broken disk, they may feel obliged to try and help you out – without really knowing what they are doing. Don’t go down this route as messing with hard drives without knowing how to mess with hard drives will often make the data on them unrecoverable.

B) Don’t Take It To A Computer Shop

Computer ShopHang On! A computer shop knows about computers so they should know about repairing hard drives right? It’s a sensible enough suggestion. Unfortunately unless your problem is due to problems with the data on the drive (eg. you’ve accidentally deleted your pictures), and not the actual drive itself (eg. the computer no longer sees it when you switch it on), a computer shop is not going to be able to recover your data.
Why Not? Because hard drives are actually pretty reliable things and while a computer shop should be fine at upgrading your PC, they hardly ever come in contact with faulty hard drives.

If you do take your hard drive to a computer shop you’ll get two types of person who serve you –

1. The one who knows they don’t really know enough to help you – These are the best ones because they’ll tell you it’s not a job for a computer shop and they recommend you contact a data recovery company.
2. The one who knows they don’t really know enough to help you but tries to anyway – These are the worst ones because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing… Asking someone like this to recover your data is a reciepe for disaster.