Data Retrieval Wolverhampton, RAID, LVM and Virus

Sony Experia Z5 Compact – Need data off

My Sony experia Z5 compact has a crack screen and a doggy charging port. I would like my photos messgaes, whatsapp messages and notes from my notes app recovered from it. Is this possible to get this data off? I am in Wolverhampton.

RAID Data Recovery with LVM

I have a home server with 4x2TB Disks in RAID10. It’s a Linux Software RAID, with LVM ontop of it.
This morning, one of the disks had failed and the server had crashed at the same time, so I rebooted the server, and replaced the failed disk. I left it to resync the raid array, but looking at it now, it appers that the RAID array is corrupt. LVM cannot find the Physical Volumes, and looking at the first few bytes of the array, it looks quite wrong.
Unfortunately, I’m an idiot and haven’t checked if my backups are working, and as luck would have it they weren’t.
This server had a logical volumes, and from memory I only really care about a couple, which were hosting my email server.Wolverhampton file retrieval

Retrieve Files after Virus

My operating system hard drive is infected with a virus. I need to know if you can retrieve the files & if so the cost.
I can’t log in to my account, the virus has control of the keyboard. I can log into guest account (which is not password protected) & have scanned the operating system hard drive & it has detected & deleted the following files:
1) PUA.OSX.InstallCore.
2) SearchManager.dmg. Infection name: Adware.OSXC.SearchManager.
3) Utorrent.dmg. Infection name: PUA.OSX.InstallCore
I also did a quick scan on the operating system hard drive (the quarantine files tab was disabled) & it resulted in no virus being detected.. However during the scan the following files appeared during the search:
1) Adware.OSX.Adload.
2) PUA.OSX.Artemissearch.
3) Trojan.OSX.MaMi.
4) Trojan.OSX.Dok.
5) Trojan.OSX.Flashback.6) Adware.OSX.OperatorMac.
7) Trojan.OSX.Mokes.
8) Adware.OSX.Spigot.
9) Adware.OSX.OperatorMac.
10) Adware.OSX.Generuic.
11) Downloader.OSX.MyCouponSmart.
Operating System Hard Drive: Toshiba, 1TB, P300,7200rpm, 64mb buffer, HDWD110. Approx 300GB used. Operating System: OSX El Capitan 10.11.6.
Antivirus Software: ClamXAV. Malware updated 22 Nov, 1.34pm. Database version: 808.907.
Please note I’m unable to discuss this over the phone today, however I’m available tomorrow and my location is between Grimsby and Hull, closest to Leeds. I’m looking for a local data recovery service ideally.

Recover phone in Reading

HTC One M8 water damaged dead. Just need photos off it if possible. Can you quote please? Location: Reading