Data recovery: Swinton and Bury, Greater Manchester

iPhone 8 stuck in DFU mode
My iPhone 8 is stuck in DFU mode (what is it?: and I did not back anything up whatsover. Are you able to access the files to recover them? I had around 16,000 photos from past 3 years which i cant access

XT1642 stuck in bootloop
Motorola XT1642 stuck in bootloop since update (2 or so years ago) – i just want to extract the photos on the phone. I live close to Manchester

Hard drive recovery near me
Seagate – Knocked it.started making a ticking sound. Sound has stopped.
Now when I plug it in it beeps.

Physical problem with hard drive pretty sure data is still on there just faulty port won’t let me access it. We are located in Manchester near to Bury

near me local searchI’m in major panic mode. A whole file of wedding photos has gone from my external hard drives not sure if its through my own error or not! I could have possibly erased the file without knowing but its from August so I’m really panicking. Can you help? I’m looking for a data recovery service near me.

Seagate external hard drive has stopped working. It makes clicking noises and does not appear on my Mac when plugged in. I’m in Swinton, Greater Manchester

Ive got a small portable 1tb Toshiba hard drive that im having problems with. It will connect and mount to a mac but wont display any files in finder. Ive been told by a local IT company that it may need more specialist attention.
The drive is running when plugged in, and shows that it has 89gb of data. I just need to get the data off safely.
Can you give me a price as to how much this will cost and what success rate im likely to receive? I can come to a data recovery place in Bury and I’m based in Wigan so somewhere near me that can help would be ideal.

We have a 1tb lacie nas drive that will not allow any access – as a clue the start up seems very quick before the blue light turns solid

I think the head is stuck as the external seagate drive is making a beeping noise. How much is a recovery form you and how much do you charge if data can’t be recovered. Thanks

My WD My Passport Ultra took a hard tumble on Friday and is now making a beeping noise. Based on your website, I believe it needs repair and I need to recover my files. Broke 6 months ago and got replaced but want data recovering (have been out the country)