Data Recovery on Smashed OnePlus 5 Android Phone

I smashed my phone (OnePlus 5 Android phone) and the digitiser broke also the screen seeped black. A week before this, I videoed some coursework for some students GCSEs and it is 20% of their GCSE grade that needs to be sent to the exam board. I need that video off my phone, this is what I have tried:
– HDTV Adapter (the phone does not support MHL only wireless)
– Dr Fone and other like software recoveries (some of these do not support OnePlus 5 or can not access my phone due to USB debugging being off)
– Google Drive etc. not backed up my photos/videos since July when I was looking for a phone data recovery service located in Leeds.
– A screen and digitiser replacement locally hoping the data wouldn’t be touched.
Alas, it appears that my screen has been replaced, I still have a black screen (although the touch screen works and I can hear clicks and vibrates) but it appears the lovely guys who replaced my screen in Leeds also factory reset my phone (I’m assuming) because now when I plug my phone into the computer it says that there are empty folders not even a DCIM folder.
Can you please, please, please help or offer any other solutions? I will be facing a disciplinary at work and possibly even losing my job over this – let’s not even begin to count the amount of nights sleep I’ve lost.

OnePlus 5

I was organising my Android OnePlus 5 phones into folders for data recovery about 2/3 weeks ago. But one seems to have been deleted during transferring and I’m missing quite a lot of pictures from the summer holidays in Leeds.
I would like to know whether it’s possible to retrieve these? How? And how much? I’ve looked through every folder on my phone to see if they have been moved to the wrong place but seems they have completely gone. Around pics. Not sure if was on phone or sd card though.
As was 3 weeks ago is it still possible to recover the data.