Data recovery required in Glasgow, Bristol, Southampton and Edinburgh

Glasgow IT repair company data recovery
I have a IT repairs business in Glasgow and a customer has giving me a customer to repair and recover some photos. I have used TreeFile Size to try to find the images that they have lost. The HDD still boots however is very slow so I am sure it is on the way out anyway. It has been worked on by other technicians so it may have possibly been reset or stuff been deleted. I was wondering if I could send it in for a quote so that I can quote the customer that cost for the repair for them.

Galaxy A40 phone recovery Bristol
My wife has broken her phone(Galaxy A40), The screen is broken & the USB port appears to not work. The phone has been storing photos on the internal memory since January & they have not backed up to google photos. Can you get them back for us? How much would this cost? We have the PIN for the phone if its needed. We are located in Bristol.

Hard drive fell on hard surface – Southampton
Our hard drive fell on a hard surface whilst we were away in Kenya. We tried a local recovery company who needed more time to work on the drive which we didnt have. we have since returned to the UK and tried on company who have accessed the drive as unrecoverable but we are hoping a second opinion will be more positive. We notice you are located in Southampton and would like to use your data recovery services.

WD MyCloud Password Forgotten, Edinburgh
WD My Cloud, not been used for a number of years due to being in storage because of house moves. We now live in Edinburgh and the firmware out of date and login details forgotten. Have seen online that the drive can be removed and data copied across to additional drive. Is this something that you can do please? It has family photos/videos of our youngest son.