Data Recovery Northampton

Apple DFU mode recovery
Apple iPhone 8 stuck at Recovery/DFU screen. Important sentimental photos of newborn (October – December 2020) have not been backed up. Photos matter more than preserving phone’s function. I’m looking for a phone repair / recovery place in Northampton or Milton Keynes and wonder if Data Clinic could help?

WD Red Data Recovery
I had an external hard drive (model: WD My Passport 1TB) which had predominately image files saved on it.
The hard drive is not being recognised when plugging in, regardless if plugged into a mac or windows laptop.
The hard drive didnt sustain any obvious damage ie broken; water damage etc and stopped working from one day to the other.
I’d appreciate a quote on a possible data recovery.


Hard drive not recognised by Windows
I have an external hard drive that I’ve been trying to recover data from. It’s a single platter 500GB drive, and it wasn’t getting recognised by WIndows at all.
Unfortunately I tried resolving the situation myself, swapping boards etc, and unfortunately even the platter itself. I figured the data was gone so I might as well try it. And I was curious to take a hard drive apart. That was a bad move, no doubt. I’m near Kettering and Northampton.
Is there anything that might be recoverable after all this? The platter itself doesn’t have visible damage to the naked eye, and I took pains to reduce dust, though obviously I can’t guarantee none got in.
It’s now at the point where testdisk and chkdsk and diskpart recognise that the drive exists, but it has no partiions or any recognisable partition table or anything. Testdisk suggested that there was a linux sector(?) on the whole drive. That’d make sense because the computer was running linux at the time.
If there’s no hope that’s fine, but if you could help me to get at the data on it that’d be wonderful.

I have a small hard drive which is no longer recognised by my computer. I have lots of photos on there which need to be recovered. I used Recuva which has identified the files still being there but I need professional help in recovering those. There was no damage done to the drive and the light is green when I plugged it into my computer. Could you please send me a quote so I can compare to other places in Northampton

SATA hard disk recovery in Northampton
I have a client who has an old Dell computer with a 7200rpm SATA disk in it that has died. It’s taking power, but the noise it’s making sounds like the “click of death.” I am based in Thrapston, Northampton not too far from you guys. Just wondering if you’d be able to take on the job of seeing if you can get anything off the disk? Ideally there is some software on there that is now extinct, so irreplaceable, but failing that just the data files would be a good start. Would I be able to bring the disk over to Data Clinic Northampton at some point this week?

Failed Moto G6 Need to recover photos
I have a failed moto G6, local phone shop replaced battery and charging port but still won’t charge. We only want to recover photos, unfortunately photos not backed up. Phone shop in Banbury talked about iccon mother board but high risk of loosing the photos I’m assuming this is something you can recover