Data Recovery on Mobile Phones

I have an LG G4 which seems to be stuck in a boot loop. It won’t go beyond the Android screen and then loses all power. If I try to charge it it gets very hot. I’ve tried a new battery but this didn’t solve the problem. I’d like to retrieve the data and especially any photos.

iPhone disabled itself after latest update. Tried to update it via itunes error code 14 and 0xE8000015 kept appearing. Tried multiple computers and usb cables but with no luck. There are valuable pictures/videos on the iphone that have not been backed up which we hope you can recover.

I have a Samsung S6. I was charging phone and unplugged device, the device wouldn’t then switch on and have not been able to switch it on or reboot since.
It contains very sentimental photos of my children including my baby who passed away so I am desperate to retrieve the photos from it.

mobile phone data recoveryMy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fell down and screen got damaged. It is completely blank however the phone is running ok in the background. I am looking to recover data on Phone’s internal storage and my contacts.

i have updated my smart phone and it has cleared all the photos. can you please help.

I need to recover photos and videos from my wife’s Google Nexus 6P which has been bricked during an OTA update.

I am trying to recover chat history on the LINE app from my Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone. That chats were deleted some time ago, but I have found a back-up folder in the phone’s memory. However, I cannot open that back-up folder in the LINE app. Is there any way of decoding the contents of that back-up folder? If not, is there any alternative way of recovering the chat history?

My phone is stuck in a (soft) boot loop. Turns on then turns itself off after around 10 seconds. It is stable if I put it in download mode (might be a way to access internal data by connecting to computer in download mode and getting past the os?). Could you please provide me with a quote. I just want all my data off the phone (no need to repair).

As described on your website – the Sony phone will not turn on completely. It appears to charge but cannot fully start up. It gets stuck on the “Sony” loading page and then requires the reset option of holding the power button and volume button simultaneously. However, whilst this turns it off/restarts it – the phone is never able to get past this stage.
I have valuable photo data from the last 4 years of using the phone that I really would like rescued.

I have a HTC 1 Mini which is completely dead so I cannot charge it to get my photos from it. I would like to retrieve all the photos.

Hi can you give me an estimate on recovering photos from Iphone 7+.
The screen is hanging from the phone and the phone is bent or dented.

My iphone is stuck on the Apple logo.
I’ve tried restarting it, a hard restart, everything that Apple says I should do. Last resource would be using recovery mode on iTunes and updating, but I know I do not have enough space to download the last software update.
I haven’t backed up my phone on the laptop for the same reason, not enough space. So I will lose all my data if the update doesn’t go through and I have to reset to factory settings.
The iphone is locked with a passcode, but in any case it won’t allow me to do any back-ups now.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300), which has suffered what would appear to be a problem known as SDS – Sudden Death Syndrome. This happened a few years ago. I would like to retreive all fiiles from he phone incl photo’s etc.

iPhone 6 failed to update iOS and is now stuck in DFU mode. Would like to recover data (photos and videos) from this device.
Will you be able to help? How much can you quote me? Can I come in to a physical location?

I have severe water damage to my iphone 6s and have been advised it is unrepairable. There is some really valuable data on my phone I was unable to back up. Please advise if you can help, I have been told the motherboard is completely damaged and will not turn on… anyway you can help with this?

I have an Xperia Z2 which is supposed to be waterproof, but has been damaged the last time I used it underwater. It is not turning on at all, and when I try connecting it to my PC via usb, it is not recognized. Is there any way to recover data from the memory card inside the phone? I’m just interested in the photos/videos.