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Recover ExFAT hard drive Manchester

Data Recovery from (Full) 1Tb ExFat formatted External HDD
I have a drive that has suffered head and/or media damage.
I know the drive has suffered physical internal damage, perhaps a result of being dropped but could be wear and tear.
I think the data recovery would require clean room work. do you supply a new drive also?
If so how much is that? Or can I send a new HDD with the one in question?
I come from Greater Manchester and so can call in at Data Clinic Ltd’s Bury data recovery office at The Pavilions.

HDD recovery London

Data Clinic London on Lombard StreetI have been using my HDD for around 8 years now, recently not as much. I was using the drive earlier in 2020 and it seemed to work – though the drive is near full 1Tb capacity with a range of media saved.

Recently upon trying to access information I have found that the drive is spinning and receiving power, however there is also a “beeping” noise so perhaps the arm is stuck on the platter? I don’t want to lose the information so best opening without powering up to re-seat the arm in case the drive starts spinning once again?

You guys are the data recovery experts in London so I’ll give Data Clinic everything about the HDD if you can let me know what you think on price and lead time to repair. I have your address as 68 Lombard Street.

The data is split into 4 main folders:

Pictures, videos and documents are the most important to me the programs I can do without. Though preference is for all files of course! I have been prone to not disconnecting HDD properly and so not giving the drive a change to prepare itself for shut down.

Please note, the drive is formatted in ExFAT format for the full inventory. If that helps once resolving the mechanical aspect.

Product details:
Brand: Buffalo
Product family: MiniStation
Product name : 1TB MiniStation Extreme
Product code : HD-PZ1.0U3B-AP
Serial Number : 75545424319863
Manufactured : March 2012
Type : 2.5″ HDD
Category : External Hard Drive
HDD capacity : 1000 GB
Interface : Serial ATA
Bus Power : Yes, USB

Other features
Integrated USB cable : Yes
USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1) ports quantity : 1
USB required : Yes
Maximum data transfer rate : 5000 Mbit/s
USB data transfer rates : 5000 Mbit/s
Product colour : Black
Security algorithms : 256-bit AES