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I am desperately need your data recovery expertise. The Seagate hard drive I have stored precious baby pictures of my kids and family pictures for the last 10 years had failed. I took it to a local data recovery expert in Glasgow which has a cleanroom, which he took apart the hard drive and found the platters of the hard drive was scratched. He didn’t have the right equipment so he referred us to another company which supposed to be capable. But they told us the data is unrecoverable due to the extensive scratch on the surface.
The data recovery experience you have laid out on the Glasgow website sounds like just the right skills to rescue us from this abyss. I am hoping data could be retrieved from the area of the platter where they were not scratched.
I have a digital picture of the platter which I could send for your quick review.

Data Clinic – Data recovery in Glasgow

Data Clinic’s Glasgow data recovery office is located at 20-23 Woodside Place, G3 7QF. The phone number is 0141 301 1677.

I restored my laptop to factory settings, but lost about 20GB worth of photo material I need recovered. I restored it on 25/11, and realised I lost the material on 5/12. I have barely used the laptop during the time up until.

I’m looking for a quote for a data recovery service located in Glasgow for my laptop hard drive. Recently my laptop broke down, where once turned on it would come up with a blue recovery screen saying that it needed to be taken in for repairing. I took it to a computer shop, and I was told the hard drive was not working and needed replacing. I proceeded with the replacement, but would like to try and recover my files from my old hard drive. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly what the failure was, but I got the impression it was quite severe. The only other information I can provide is that at the computer shop said that the hard drive was very slow.

I am trying to get quotes for a data recovery service on behalf of a friend. The data is on a WD3200JB-00KFA0 IDE hard drive (the PCB is 2060-701314-003 REV A) which was in a USB caddy and used as an external drive for some years. I have removed the drive from the caddy and attempted to plug it into a PC with a couple of different USB – IDE adapters but the drive never seems to successfully mount (on windows, plug and play shows it connecting, then disconnecting, repeatedly). After spinning up, the drive seems to make 2 clicking noises, then spins down, and this repeats. The drive made the same noises when it was still in the caddy.
Would you be able to tell from my description the likelihood of successful data recovery in Glasgow and your charge for doing so?