Data Recovery Companies

Hard disk cleanroomData recovery companies provide data recovery services from failed hard disks and other digital storage media.

If you’ve got a faulty hard drive and you’ve tried some of the tips from this site but are still unable to recover the data from your hard disk, then it’s probably time to contact me (use the form to your right, or call the number at the top of the page) to see if I can help, or contact another data recovery company.

Typically they’ll ask you to describe the fault and will attempt to diagnose what the problem is over the phone. If your problem is mechanical, electrical or firmware related you’ll have to send your hard drive to them as it’ll need specialist lab attention. If the problem is a data issue and there’s nothing wrong with the hard disk they may well be able to recover your data remotely by accessing your computer over the internet.

Stop SignIf you’re planning to use a data recovery company be careful who you choose. Some are good, others are useless. Just because they have a nice website doesn’t mean a thing. I recommend you Google the name of the company followed by the word ‘review’ eg. go to Google (or whatever search engine you use) and type something like “Big Jims Data Recovery Shack reviews”

Here’s a list of data recovery companies that I consider to be competent. These companies have been around for a number of years (so they must be doing something right). Their costs vary, but using them will give you a quality of service and should guarantee you get your data back.

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North and South America