Click of death on hard drive

click of death cartoon

Read head failure (click of death) on an old approx. 200GB EIDE external hard disk Western Digital with a Windows OS.
I would like a quotation for data recovery and whether you have a collection service in Manchester.

Seagate powered expanded hard drive just has flashing green light and desktop doesn’t read anything. I think it has the so called “click of death”. I’ve heard about this before is there anything that can be done to recover the data from the hard drive?

After doing an update, the laptop restarted and then would not boot again.
I have tried to use the hard disk in another laptop but i can hear the click click click sound when it is trying to boot.
We haven’t tried to do anything to recover this drive and live in London
It is a 500Gb 2.5 laptop sata drive. Is the drive dead?

My Seagate external hard drive stopped working, it started beeping and clicking. My Mac and PC do not recognize it, though my Mac is asking for the disk to be initialized.

I think I caused a problem with my external drive this afternoon when I didn’t eject it properly – it’s a Seagate Back Up Slim Plus. Can you help with this. I’m in London tomorrow late afternoon.

My dog has chewed my memory stick with 5 years worth of work on it. It now does not work when I plug it in.

I have taken the casing off and the inside/memory chip look in ok/good condition. Is there any chance you can extract all the info from the stick?

laptop hdd-samsung 500 gb.was not able to detect any where ..i have shown to expert he told that head is not working,he replaced the he is saying that lower platter has scratched .he can not recover data.please suggest how can i recover data if in Manchester.

I dropped my external hard drive and now it no longer loads up when I plug it into the computer. When I plug it in, it clicks a few times (‘click of death’) like it is trying but never loads up to allow access. It has all my work documents saved in PDF and excel format.