Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet data recovery on 480GB WD Green SSD

My 480gb WD Green SSD has suddenly failed a couple of days ago. I’ve taken a look and tried all ways I could think of to recover the data via software means, of course I failed but have gathered some info that may be of aid. I’m hoping you can let me know whether recovering this is possible, as I have Bitcoin and Ethereum stored on the hard drive. Can you provide a rough approximation of cost.
I should mention first that the drive is split into 4 partitions, one 500mb boot, one 223gb plain NTFS, two 112gb LUKS encrypted EXT4. For the two encrypted ones, it’s either full binary dumps or nothing. On the NTFS drive there are some media files that would be worthwhile recovering even fragmented.
The drive malfunctioned one morning after a particularly cold night, with a nearby window cracked open. I managed to boot it then, but the OS froze soon after. It managed a reboot but the OS froze again, after which the drive became unreadable. The Bitcoin wallet is on here and that the main one I need you to get back for me, the Ether tokens are in several wallets across partitions. So, really if you can concentrate your efforts to recover the bitcoin wallet.
Upon analyzing with gdisk, I’ve noticed the following:
– The device wrongly reports size 128gb, coincidentally the size of one chip
– GPT is missing, but backup GPT was found with correct partition information (I’ve taken a backup which I can provide) suggesting not all hope is lost, at least some info is readable
After taking a physical look, I noticed the drive is made of 4x 128gb chips. Given that the drive now reports to be of size 128gb would lead one to assume 3/4 chips failed; but I know nothing about how these really work. It would be great if all data could be recovered, but even just the Bitcoin or one of those partitions that could’ve fit on a single chip would be nice.