What’s the Cost of Data Recovery??

Broken hard drives come in all shapes and sizes and the problems they have vary. Some hard drives may be unresponsive, some may be completely dead, other’s may heat up whilst some may repetitively click. When working in data recovery people often want to know how much the work is going to cost them. Price vary, but most UK companies will charge in the region of £500 – £1000 pounds.

A Trekstor hard driveBelow are example hard drive faults – each will cost in somewhere between these two amounts. Other types of fault are possible but I think I’ve covered most eventualities:

I have a Trekstor external hard drive that I would like to recover my files from. It connects to my laptop with a USB and also needs to be plugged. It contains mainly music and photos but it is just the photos that I want recovered. Do you know an approximate quote for this?

Laptop failed and need data off hardrive. Removed it and put it in an external enclosure. Other laptop won’t read it. It’s just family photo’s and video’s we really need to recover. Don’t think it’s that much data really. What sort of prices do you charge?

mechanical failure of WD 1TB external hard drive. i am in search of a donor drive in order to recover data.
I have a 1TB Western Digital
DATE : 12 JULY 2015
Any help in finding a drive with compatible heads would be greatly appreciated.

USB external hard drive no longer appearing in WIndows Explorer. External light comes on, disk feels like it spins but that’s it. Disk does show up in Device Manager, but not in Disk Management.

I have a Seagate 750GB SATA Hard Drive ST3750640 NS
It seems as though the circuit board has failed after it getting very hot.
Can you tell let me know the price for its repair and data recovery from the drive.

We have a client who has dropped an external disk which now can’t be recognised by Windows. Its not urgent but could you give me an estimate of the likely costs if data can be recovered from the disk. Its a Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 500Gb (part number: 98D148-269).
I understand that it could be many different things, but I would like to advise client of a likely budget window before proceeding.

External Seagate desktop drive. Plugged into the wall and it seemed to have short circuited. Are you able to fix this / get the data off the hard drive if it cannot be fixed?

My Laptop turned off whilst my my passport external hard drive was plugged in, Now it wont mount on the desktop , I have tried mounting it in disk utility but no luck , this has happened before but managed to mount it’s self, Please can you let me know a quote to recover my data

Portable WD My Passport Drive no longer working. Clicking noise when connected to laptop.

My data recovery service will recover the data from all the above hard drive problems.