Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery

I’ve been having problems with a couple of Toshiba hdd’s that aren’t responding. I’ve tried to recover the data myself using the advice hints and tips at this data recovery site.

  • toshiba hard drive recoveryMy drive (Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB) suddenly stopped being recognised by my laptop (MacBook). I have tried with a different computer and with another cable. The light of the drive is on and it does not make strange sounds. I need advice on whether it is really broken and if so, I would need to recover the data in it.
  • I have a Toshiba removable hard drive, few months a go I lost all of my data on my hard drive and a friend recommended me to buy EaseUS, which I did and It recovered a small amout of the data but it runs incredibly slow, I left it on for 15 hours and it barely moves, it might be something internal but I really need my data back.
  • I have a hard drive on my pc that was drive D. It has stopped working where the pc cant see the drive. The drive shows up in BIOS and also disk management but its saying the disk is un allicated. I have years of photos and music on this drive that i need to recover, can you please tell me if this is something you can sort and how much please?

To me it seems that both hard drives have a mechanical error. This means that a part internal to the hard drive has stopped working. To get the data from the drive, the busted part has to be swapped out for a part that is working. The spare part also has to be compatible with broken part. The cost of these so called ‘donor parts’ can be expensive – up to £300, but I suppose this is all relatively dependent on the value of the data on the hard drive that has been lost. My advice is if you don’t have any success using the advice on Data Recovery Tips, try an established data recovery company. The cost for a good data recovery service in the UK starts at around £500.