Taking Apart A Samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone Repair and Data Recovery

My Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is probably the most important gadget I have. A few years ago I had everything of value written down in a book that I kept in a holdall in my house. The holdall contained most things of value – addresses, bank account details, mortgage stuff, etc – information that is of value and personal. So when my Samsung Galaxy mobile smart phone broke, after falling from my pocket and landing in a bath full of water I was mortified! I couldn’t turn my phone on anymore and if I couldn’t turn the phone on how was I going to access the data on it?

I found a useful video on Youtube about taking my Samsung Galaxy apart and tried it:

Half way through disassembling the phone it actually dawned on me that I didn’t know what to do once the phone was in bits and asked myself what good I was doing taking the phone apart – the only thing I’d found was a lot of water.
After drying the phone out by putting it on the radiator it still would not switch on and now my need to get at the data on my phone was becoming more and more urgent.

I didn’t need to know how to take my phone apart, what I needed was to get the data off of my broken mobile phone – I needed to find a mobile phone data recovery company – and I found http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/samsung-mobile-phone-repair-and-recovery/. These people can recover the data from all types of mobile phone – deleted data, broken phones, dropped mobile phones and they can use a variety of methods to recover the data from mobile phones that no longer work.