Synology Data Recovery from NAS

i have a Synology NAS with 4 Wd drives in it (3.5″ SATA drives, 2xWD20EARX + 2xWD20EZRX).
The drives were set up as one RAID0 volume… no need to ask why, that configuration is pretty silly.
Anyway, the NAS fell from about 60cm.
synology nas hard drive recoveryAfter rebooting the drives #2,#3 and #4 look fine (I will anyway backup everything if I can recover #1). But at first HDD #1 was not recognized by the NAS nor in my desktop (under windows or linux). A few days later it started being recognized and I could even read from it a little bit, so I tried a ddrescue (for more about how to use ddrescue look here) but after 4GB the drive will stop reading.

My daughter reformatted my Synology external hard drive to her mac from pc and we think then panicked and reformatted it back to pc again and as such we can no longer access the data on it. I have run several software packages available online i.e stellar phoenix and they find the files but crash towards the end of the scan regardless of if im scanning the hard drive or an image of the files.

We recover a lot of data from Synology NAS hard drives, especially those with many hard drives that run RAID. We have a RAID and NAS data recovery page on this site (go here), where you can read about our services to rescue your files.

Computer investigation needed on phone
A man exposed himself to me a couple of years ago in a text message. I deleted the text and picture at the time but now it would be advantageous in my court case. With the time lapse would retrieval be possible? The phone in question is no longer in use.

It’s not possible to tell if the data you require back is still on the phone unless we take a look at it in the data recovery lab. After such a long time since you deleted the text and picture it’s highly possible that it has been overwritten. Of course, if the phone has not been in use since the incident there is a much greater probability that the data is still on the phone. More information about or phone recovery service can be found at

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