Sumvision WD Hard Drive Recovery

WD Hard Drive Recovery

WD My Passport external hard drive – is not showing up on computer. The computer can detect the hard drive but cannot open files as it’s does not show up on screen. It’s a WD wdbaau0015hbk-00 serial number.
Can you please advise me what can be wrong and issue a quote please? I purchased second power adapter with difference in A, I have 7A but the other power adapter is 8A. Do you think it is a big difference? WD My Passport 1TB states it is “uninitialised” on my 2019 iMac 10.15.2 through the disk utitlity app.

WD Elements hard drive

Mac formatted hard drive

DRIVE IS MAC FORMATTED -os journal- disk is reading and it loads. shows some folders, when clicked on the folder it doesn’t load anything further. gone to disk utility in safe mode. when trying to run a recovery , but some error. bad sectors/blocks on there. 1TB of data on there. HDD clicked and then failed so I guess will need a mechanical recovery. Assuming you can do this, what would the quote for this be please and would you do this work in your clinic?

Sumvision hard drive recovery

Sumvision hard drive won’t open, makes a clicking noise (like Mechanical fault on your webpage) although the pc does recognise its there, it just says needs troubleshooting and that there is an error (code 10). I haven’t tried any of the help things online for risk of making it worse. but did try troubleshooting which was no help.

I dont know if you can help me but I have a USB hard drive that wont connect to my laptop or any other port. It was working fine, sometimes needed a toggle to connect and then the next day it wouldnt connect at all. I have so much valuable info and docs on it including all my university work. It doesnt appear to have any damage but i have been known to accidentally lean on the usb while its been connected in the past.
Is there any chance you could recover the files?