Seagate and Maxtor Data Recovery

In this post I look at recovering the data from a Seagate and a Maxtor hard drive.

a broken hard driveQuestion 1
Seagate Barracuda
Windows 7 upgraded to Windows 10 one week ago.
Desktop was working fine until yesterday computer had error displayed saying no operating system found. Then error message changed on restarting a few times to no hard drive detected.
Hard drive removed from desktop and then added to another desktop. Most of the time does not get recognised in Windows or Computer Management>Disk Management.
When it is recognised, it errors saying disk cannot be read and freezes/crashes when trying to access.
The hard drive does power up and sounds like normal.
Do you think this can be recovered and if so how much would it cost along with the time it would take?

Answer: This is an example of thinking that action ‘A’ has caused the result ‘B’, and being wrong. From what you write, your hard drive has severe bad sectors – the writing surface of the disk where the data is stored has become unstable and many sectors of the hard drive and now unable to store any data. The freezing you are witnessing is because the hard drive is trying to read the data from the disk without success and then retrying again.

This problem is not caused by your upgrade, instead the upgrade has just coincided with the hard drive developing bad sectors. A competent data recovery company should be able to recover the data for you for around £500.

Question 2
I have rather an old Maxtor portable external harddrive. I had upgraded, but the new one didn’t work with my mac so I’ve recently reverted to the old one. A few days ago the charger cable was jolted out of the device, and when I turned it back on several folders are showing as files, with no content. I’m a photographer, and many of the folders contained images from either recent work or just the past 10 years which I’d really love back!

Answer: This is not a fault with the hard drive, instead it’s a fault with the data structures on the hard drive, which was caused when the charger cable was jolted out from the device. When this happened the hard drive was probably writing information to the hard drive and was partway through when the power was lost. It should be quite straightforward to recover your data.

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