Seagate HDD + iPhone 6 Recovery

“I have Seagate Barracuda Green 2000GB it stopped recognizing by sata ahci controller on bios load up, I have vital information of photos and videos of my family which are very unique. Please I need to recover them only don’t care about hard drive.”

“Seagate 5 TB external hard drive that fell, I can hear some noise when it’s connected to the computer but I can’t access it. There’s a clicking noise, and the hard drive isn’t recognised by the computer. Could you please provide a quote for fixing it/data recovery?”

“I have a Seagate 2TB external hard disk which appears to have failed. Can you please provide me with a quote for data recovery?”

And open Seagate hard driveI can fix most problems on Seagate drives that will allow me to retrieve their data. Typical costs are anything between £350 and £800 depending on the type of problem. As usual, I’ll take a look at the hard drive first and assess it, I’ll then give you a cost for the work. It’s up to you if you want to proceed. Read more about my data recovery service here.

“I have a broken iphone 6 that unfortunately it got dropped and wouldn’t start at all, i have tried to connect it to my laptop however gives no sign of life ( lights, vibrations or sounds nothing comes up).. Unfortunately I have loads of sentimental value kept on its storage that I cant extract at all and I would like to know if there is anything you can do help me get it back please? Mostly videos, images, photos and contacts if possible?? Also my mistake was that i have never passed any of this info to iCloud either. I hope you could help me on this, many thanks in advance.”

With my phone recovery work it’s exactly the same process as it is for hard drives (see above). The costs are lower though, typically anything between £195 and £395 depending on the fault.

I provide free assessments for phones and hard drives, which means I don’t charge to inspect your device. The only exception to this is if you phone or hard drive has been opened or been to another data recovery company first, then I charge a diagnosis fee which covers the cost of me cleaning the mess up that they left behind.

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