SD card and Seagate hard drive recovery

Here are some recent enquiries we’ve had about SD card data recovery and hard drive data retrieval.

I have 2 hard drives from which I’d like to recover the data (a HITACHI 2.5 SATA 500GO from a macbook 2009 and a SEAGATE BARRACUDA 3.5 SATA 500GO from an old desktop) I opened both to see what was the problem and if I could fix it, both have the head stack broken/failing but it seems the discs are fine. Could you send me 2 quotes, 1 for each please? Let me know if you need more details about the hdd I can send you pics of the labels.

i have a WD elements hard drive and it is not viewable when i plug in into several computers – i cant open and view the contents. there is a strange clicking sound coming from within the hard drive when i plug it into the computers. i want to recover the picture and be able to view them again in the hard drive and access the hard drive. please help. how much will it cost?

sd card

SD card recovery
Encrypted SD card, Samsung phone was reset due to incorrect pin (work security policy). Stupidly also formatted the drive through my phone. Is there any chance of recovering data? – is the family pictures I am mostly interested in recovering.

Recover SD card
SD Card with approximately 30gb of data, mostly pictures allows me to open on laptop, but when i try and copy them over to recover it keeps shutting, and then is unable to be re-opened unless I take it out and put it back in again. My phone is unable to read off the SD Card as it says it is corrupt, but I can’t take the files off without risking losing them by reformatting.