Samsung, Huawei and iPhone recover data

Here a some people looking for data recovery from different types of mobile phone. The data from these phone was recovered using the web site.

Looking for a cost to recover some photos from a Samsung 7s Edge memory chip. I believe the logic board was damaged after dropping my phone.

Samsung galaxy s8plus broken screen need all contact pics and videos off of it

Samsung s8+ screen smashed and dead

Galaxy Samsung phone will not turn on and would like to retrieve all photos and videos

I have an iphone 5 which does not turn on and I would like to recover data on the storage of the phone if possible.

I want to recover my data from hard brick Huawei Dead Android phone. Please help me. I am in Merseyside.

Samsung s7, device is dead. I need to recover texts from my phone including dates sent.

My iPhone had died and I require photos from it

My phone will no longer even show up as connected. It doesnt appear to be damaged, but was ejected correctly on the last use. Tried 3 machines but its not recognised. Is it all possible to retrieve the data? And approx cost if so.

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