Restarting phones in a boot loop

There now follow several posts about lost / deleted photos from mobile phones that require the files recovering. Note: I can recover the files from most mobile phones, but it is on a case by case basis – I will need to take a look at the phone to see what’s gone wrong first.

My 3 year old phone Samsung Galaxy 5S kept playing up for a while. But today in Northampton died and left me with no access to my sd card with all photos on it. I didn’t do any formatting even the manage stands as “formatting erases all data currently stored on sd card
I didn’t do anything, my laptop can’t read the card. I went to 02 shop & they couldn’t read the card either. Phone seems kept on low battery.
So I just got new phone – but I really need get those photos back please. The phone keeps restarting and seems to be in a constant boot loop.
I cried so much this evening as I did a lot of travels to Leicester this year and everything is on sd card. Yet I didn’t back it up on Google drive or clouds or any others.
Last back ups I did was in 2014.

boot loop on samsung phone

iphone 4, water damage. Phone stcuk in recovery mode. Cant update the software. Wont read on the computer. Tried all manner of software recovery programs but none can update the software or read / scan the phone. All it does is loop when I try to boot it.
Got the end end f phone update but fails with error code 6. tried lots of different things but no go. I need the photos back.
Removed motherboard and cleaned all chips etc. A few resistors looks to have blown which is probably why its not updaing.
I need the files from the phone recovered. I live near Leicester but can travel to Northampton.

i’ve had my phone in a restart loop one night, then the following night i updated to the new IOS in hoping to remove the bug. its been on restart loop/apple logo screen for few days now. i’ve had restarted it.
and i wanted to enter recovery mode via itunes on my computer, however i was informed that would wipe my phone from when i last backed it up which was over a year ago. However i just dont want to loose photos from my two week tour across Europe from November 10th-24th. I dont care about anything else, theres cosmetic damage to the phone. but apple have confirmed no water damage or issues, this is purely a software malfunction.

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