Repair of a Toshiba MK5076GSX

Hello, my computer crashed. It just stopped working last Wednesday when I dropped and stepped on my laptop while switched on and not the HDD is not working. I connected it to a desktop PC and there is a clicking sound when it starts and it is not detected. I just would need one folder where I have my university documents and I would like to ask you how much could it be to recover the data.

Toshiba mk5076gsx hddDetails from the HDD label are:
Disk Drive MK5076GSX
HDD2J93 F VL01 B
DC + 5V 1.0A 010 A0/GS001C
500GB(LBA 976,773,168Sectors)
HP P/N:645215-001
There is also a separate sticker on the label with the below information, but I don’t know if this sticker was applied by Toshiba or HP (laptop is HP).
HDD Date Code: 9511A4
Rev.F00 SPS: 608218-001
HDD 500GB 2011/10/20

Also I would like to ask you how long does it normally take to recover it.

Hi there and thanks for your question. It’s fairly obvious by what you write that your hard drive has a broken or damaged head – this the the reason behind the ticking noise you are hearing – see this page for a more in-depth explanation. I am usually able to recover these buy to do it i’m going to need to buy a donor drive and use the parts from it. Looking at the costs, it’ll be £175 for the donor hard drive, and £600 for the repair and recovery of the hard drive. You’ll only pay the recovery fee if i’m successful with getting your data back, but the £175 for the hard drive will have to be paid as I need the parts to proceed. To be clear, your hard drive has a broken part, and this part needs to be replaced with one from another compatible drive.

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