Recovery of data in Leeds

Some hard drive / phone data recovery questions in the Leeds area:

I accidentally plugged in my Toshiba 1Tb in my work laptop, the portable drive was encrypted and then decrypted , since then i am not able to have access to it, could kindly email me a quote to retrieve the data ( 1 file) on the drive?.

Steve Beaumont was in contact with you before Christmas regarding an external hard drive. He was told that the symptoms sound like a head failure. He would like to have the data recovered. I’ve now been tasked with making arrangements for pick-up/shipping but he hasn’t provided me with a contact.

Further to a telephone conversation with Elliott, I dropped my hard drive off at the Data Clinic Leeds office on Gelderd Road this morning. Would be grateful if someone could just confirm (by phone of email) when it’s been received.

USB connection to external hard drive has come loose. May just need to be soldered back on. I tried opening it up to have a look at it but don’t really know what I’m doing and don’t want to do any damage. It’s a 4GB Seagate (Backup Plus I think) external hard drive. I have some photos, music and videos on the drive that I wouldn’t want to lose.

I smashed the screen on my OnePlus 3 and now there is no touchscreen or display although the phone was turning on last time I tried. I was going to send it back to the manufacturer to be repaired, but they wipe the phone’s memory when they repair it. I have some holiday photos that have not been backed up since the smash and I would like to retrieve these somehow before returning the phone to be repaired.
I was using a Google nexus (my old smartphone) in the interim and this has also developed an issue where the touchscreen is unresponsive in a vertical strip down the middle of the display.
I have been reduced to using a ‘dumbphone’ (Doro!) in the interim. If you could help me with any of the above I would be grateful.

Ext HD is password protected
If i plug in the HD via USB, the light goes on, I hear it spinning.
I am asked for my password and my password is accepted
then, the HD does not appear on my desktop nor anywhere else

My laptop has switched off and it has all my uni work on it!! I need to get my work off the hard drive.

I have a Lenovo laptop about 4 yeras old. I only use it now storing photos but the drive appears to have failed. It runs on Windows 7. It opens to the Windows Boot Manager with a DOS screen saying Windows has a problem communicating with a device. Caused by a storage device or faulty hard drive. I get status 0xc00000e9 Info: An unexpected I/0 error has occurred.

I have a WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB. It is no longer recognised on my laptop. I tried both on Windows and Linux. I’ve opened the enclosure but did not damage the disk in any way. If we can’t fix the disk recovering the data from it is the next best thing.

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