Recovering data from RAW hard drives

Here are a couple of instances where people have had hard drives that show up as ‘RAW’. When this happens is usually tells me that the computer can not read the hard drive’s filesystem correctly. This is usually caused by a data corruption and is quite easy to fix, if you know what you’re doing. In this post I include links on how you can fix a RAW hard drive yourself, so read on and get your data back yourself!

Hard disk shows up as RAWI have an iomega 1.5tb USB External Hard Drive. Model number: LDHD-UP2. Up until last week, have never had a problem with it.
The device turns on/turns off ok and makes not noises it shouldn’t. However although Windows recognizes this device, I am unable to access it and get an error message saying X:\ is not accessible Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
I tried this in two other Windows PCs and the same happened.
After running DISKPART and chkdsk from the Command Prompt it shows this drive is RAW. I installed some software called Testdisk to try and fix that but it was unable to access the drive.
In the first instance I would like to be able access all the data off this drive. Then, it would just be a matter of copying it all to a new external HD.
Let me know if from what I describe if you think it could possibly be achievable. I would be able to take to your Birmingham office next week.

A power supply fault has resulted in the hard disks in the machine from no longer spinning up. I had 2 x 3Gb Drives setup using mirror windows 8 storage spaces. The drive is a Western Digital Passport 1TB, forgotten password
vid:pid: 1058:0748
Chip Model : JMS538S
It shows up on the computer as ‘RAW’. My mother has forgotten the password and we’ve tried over 100 likely passwords based on the password hint, with no luck. I know there are vulnerabilities in the encryption implementation in this model of drive and am hoping you have the expertise to recover the encrypted data. Please advise how much this is likely to cost if you believe you can recover the data.

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