ReadyNAS Hard Drive Recovery Northampton

Accidental factory reset on READYNAS DUO (review here). Lost all data. Approx 1.4TB. Shows up only under disk utility. Looks as if the disk is not formatted but I had lots of pictures in the disk. I live close to Victory Drive in Northampton.

My wife recently dropped an item on a our Readynas Duo hard disk drive while it was in operation. It now is broken, the drive is a standard win10 install, so 2 partitions, one bot and one data/etc… The first partition shows up fine and seems to be functional in windows and linux. The second partition appears in windows and also shows a letter, but it never opens and in event viewer, there are many entries regarding bad blocks. I have tried to get the drive/partition to detect in linux, but the functions which read the drive never return. for example, I hve tried to ddrescue/photorec/etc but it just “hangs” while scanning /dev/sda. I was hoping that it just corrupted the file system but i suspect the disk is damages phsyically. The drive itself is one of the ones from the dodgy seagate 3TB bunch, however this specific one is one that was RMA’d. I was considering trying to replace the heads/etc but given I have no clean room/etc I figure doing this could result in more damage. Do call me on the number above to discuss pricing please, I am in northampton as well.


The drive was an external network drive which failed with a possible power board problem, i bought an identical hard drive and tried to swap them out but with no joy, the drive has family photos and music on it which cannot be replaced, can you help.

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