More RAID NAS Data Recovery

Over Christmas I had this enquiry from a customer wanting his data back from a multi disk hard drive. Please follow my advice on my RAID and NAS data recovery page to get the files back from one of these systems.

Buffalo NAS LS-WVL with two Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB hard disks (stupidly) set up as RAID0.
I am unab;e to connect to the dive – the LEDs on the NAS blink red to indicate error code:
E14 – The RAID array cannot be mounted. Run the RAID array disk check in the LinkStation’s Web Admin interface.

buffalo nas ls-wvl data recovery

In the web interface, under storage I can see:
Disk 2 : status = Error.
RAID Array:
Array 1 – RAID 0 : status=Error
On power up the disk can be heard ticking say ~6 times before it reports the error via the flashing info/ error red leds.

It is feasible to get the data returned from problems like this but please, this is not something to try yourself – please contact me for advice if you require your files recovered.