New enquiries for Feb

Here are some enquiries that have come in February – I’ve included links too.

I have a 1TB iMac hard drive that I would like to get the data off. I have taken this out of the mac as had to replace it. The drive when I connect it up by USB clicks occaisionally and can see the data. I can copy small files but any large files won’t copy. What is the approx cost to get the data. Its max of 500gb to recover. I work at Aldgate, London so can drop this off.

Toshiba hard drive data recovery photo, courtesy of have a NAS drive with corrupted files on it. On every file it says wallet virus. Please let me know if there is something you can do about this.

My USB computer disk has stopped working and I can’t retrieve any data from it at all. The board inside seems wobbly. Please help!

I have a WD 2.0TB 2.5″ external HDD. Cannot access any of my files on my external drive. I plug it in, and it starts spinning and occasionally clicks. The drive picks up and I can access it and see the folders but cannot open any folders, copy or move.

WD Elements 2TB. Used for Mac not PC. Confidential files that need to be accessed. The hard-drive was accidentally dropped and now makes (13) beeping noises when plugged in to a Mac Laptop or Mac Desktop.

Symptoms: the WD hard drive is no longer seen by the computer and when switching it on, has a constant ticking noise, as if it was stuck or on a repeat loop.
Brand: WD2500, enhanced IDE hard drive.
Drive Parameters: LBA 488397168 – 250GB
WD P/N: WD2500BB – 00GUA0

I have this issue with my hp pavilion 4g laptop: boot drive not found and install system on your hard drive.
I have a hard drive with what I suspect is a faulty voice coil:
1. The drive spins up but clicks a few times.
2. It’s not detected by the BIOS.
3. It’s not detected by Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.
4. It’s not listed as a hardware device in Linux.
Do you have any local offices near the Oadby area of Leicester? and what will the cost be to recover the data from my drive?

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