NetGear ReadyNAS Data Recovery

Specialist Data Recovery from NetGear ReadyNAS Hard Drives

ReadyNAS is the brand name of Network Attached Storage (NAS) hard disk drives manufactured by the company NetGear. As you are probably aware, most NetGear NAS hard drives use RAID configurations: this basically treats all the hard drives inside the NAS as one large single data storage volume.

NetGear ReadyNas hard drives and serversWhen problems occur with any model of NetGear ReadyNAS we highly recommend the you avoid any DIY fixes for broken hard drives you may find on the internet as the nature of many NetGear ReadyNAS faults demand the correct NAS hard drive repair and data recovery procedures to be applied, which, if not followed will result in irreversible data loss from the ReadyNAS equipment.

Common faults on NetGear ReadyNAS Hard Drives
  • The ReadyNAS becomes progressively slower over time, file and folder access can often appear to hang the computer
  • A clicking / ticking / beeping noise starts being heard from the ReadyNAS hard drive when it is powered on.
  • The NetGear ReadyNAS can no longer be accessed even though it still has power
  • The ReadyNAS appears dead. No lights or sounds come from it.
  • There is data corruption of files and folders stored on the NAS.
Our NetGear ReadyNAS Recovery and Repair Services

We know a lot about NetGear ReadyNAS equipment (We use them a lot myself) and the RAID configurations it uses. High street stores and retail chains are best avoided – frequently staffed by people with little IT experience and no NetGear hard drive repair or ReadyNAS data recovery experience, it is important that you choose a reputable source to recover your data.

Before recovering the data from your NetGear ReadyNAS equipment it’s important to assess exactly what has gone wrong and repair the damage. Once this has been done data access should once again be restored but recovering the data is often not that simple, as the ReadyNAS RAID data storage configuration has to be determined and the files and folders pieced back together using the correct NetGear RAID configuration. If this is not done correctly, the files and folders recovered will come back corrupted and be unusable.

NetGear ReadyNAS Models

I have a wealth of NetGear ReadyNAS repair and data recovery experience. Common NetGear models we work on frequently include:

ReadyNAS Desktop – this brand is for standard home user/business NAS devices. It has the most models, including:

  • RN3 Series
  • RN5 Series
  • RN7 Series
  • RN31200, RN31211D, RN31212D, RN31221D, RN31221E, RN31222D, RN31222E, RN31400, RN31421D, RN31441D, RN31441E, RN31442D, RN31442E, RN31443D, RN31443E, RN31600, RN31661D, RN31661E, RN31662D, RN31662E, RN31663E, RN31664E.These devices house data between 1 – 24 TB. They are intended more for home users/small businesses.
  • RN51600, RN51661E, RN51662E, RN51663E, RN51664E. These devices have the following options for capacity: 6, 12, 18 or 24TB. They are intended more for businesses.
  • RN716X. This model has no set storage size, as you add the drives yourselves, so it could be any capacity, same goes for some of the RN3 and RN5 series of ReadyNAS
ReadyNAS Rackmount
RN4220 Netgear server

Testing a RN4220 series RAID NAS

These devices are full rack servers, they come in various shapes and sizes, the models that we can do work on are listed below:

  • RN2 Series
  • RN3 Series
  • RN4 Series
  • RN2120, RN21241D, RN21242D, RN21241E, RN21242E, RN21243E, RN21244EThese devices have anywhere between 4 – 16TB.
  • RN3220, RN32261E, RN32262E, RN32263E, RN322121E, RN322122E, RN322123E, RN322124E. These devices have anywhere up to 48 TB.
  • RN4220S, RN4220X, RN422X62E, RN422X63E, RN422X64E,RN422X122, RN422X123, RN422X124These devices have anywhere between 12 – 48TB.

I am also experienced in how to get back footage from any of these devices above with hard drives that have ReadyNAS Surveillance software on them.