I need my data back

We have a clients hard drive which has failed – it doesn’t seem to spin up, and isn’t recognised at all when connected to our test PC (as a primary or secondary drive), or via a USB cradle.
Seagate Desktop SSHD 1000GB Hybrid drive with 8GB flash memory
Model No. ST1000DX001

Linux My SATA 1 TB hard drive failed. It has roughly 1 TB of data mainly large selection of MP4, AVI, WMV and other video files. This is Seagate SATA hard drive that I made several partitions to run several Linux distros (Open Mandriva, OpenSuse, PCLinuxKDE, Ubuntu and Linux Mint). These partitions are done in ext 3 or 4 file journaling system as root and home partitions for each of these distros and home partition of each Linux distro is carrying large numbers of media files as mentioned above (notably Ubuntu, Open Mandriva and PCLinuxKDE but unfortunately I can’t remember the partition or sda numbers). I have tried connecting the hard drive from external SATA to USB dock with my laptop computer and unfortunately it did not work and hard drive remain absolute dead (no sound, no vibration and no spinning etc).
Under the above circumstances, I would like to know whether you folks would be able to help me to recover all my media files that are now stuck notably in Ubuntu, OpenMandriva and PCLinuxKDE home partitions. If you could, then how much that would cost? Of course your price quote will determine whether I can afford going ahead recovering my data or simply forget about it.

I have an Western Digital 1tb external passport hard drive which makes a “click………click……….click” noise whenever it is connected via the USB cable. I have taken the cover off (I know I shouldn’t have but the drive is a backup of a backup which has been replaced) and I believe it to be an issue with the heads/HSA/actuator arm. Are you able to supply replacement parts? If so, how much?

This is a 3.5″ 1.5Tb hard drive in a basic external USB enclosure – I’ve taken the drive out of the enclosure to put inside a PC (if there’s a fault with the enclosure itself or the power supply) and it seems to have done something fairly terminal to the PC! (fortunately quite an old machine). I’ve done fairly straightforward tasks to hardware in the past – built PCs etc. – and have been asked by my parents to see what’s wrong with this hard drive but whatever it is it’s evidently beyond what I can deal with. I’d be interested to know what you would be able to do to recover the data from it.

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