Things To Try & Things To Avoid

For Mechanical Faults

OK, So you’re pretty sure you have a mechanical fault… In the right hands, the data on your drive should be fully recoverable but will require specialist attention.Stop Sign

Remember that faults that are mechanical in nature mean you’ve got a faulty component inside the hard drive. Until this fault is corrected there is no chance of recovery.

Things To Try…

> N O T H I N G <

Sorry, there really isn’t anything you can do yourself. Contacting a specialist data recovery company is your only option for recovering your data… It is – believe me… I’ve been doing this data recovery stuff since 1988 & I know what I’m talking about. You need a data recovery company.

Things Not To Try…

Dont try this at home

Don’t be tempted to have a go at recovering it yourself… No really, don’t… You don’t have the equipment, the spare parts or the skills it requires… You will most probably ruin the chances any data recovery company will have of recovering it too.


Other things you may be thinking of trying…

  • Using software to recover the data: For software to work, the computer needs to be able to detect and communicate with the hard drive. If you’re drive isn’t recognised, the system can’t see it.
  • Trying a different controller board: Your drive is ticking because it’s failing a self check routine that it goes through when powered on. The clicking is caused as the drive resets and tries to pass its self test again. The self check routine involves reading information through the read / write heads which are now defective. It’s not a controller board fault.
  • Changing power leads and data cables: Don’t – there’s nothing wrong with them.
  • Switching the machine off and back on again: There’s no point doing this, you’ve got a physical fault on your hard drive. Cycling the power will not do any good.
  • Trying the drive in a different machine: There’s nothing wrong with your machine, the fault is on your drive, not your machine.

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