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broken computersHere are some of the enquiries sent to Data Clinic, this month, July 2017.

Getting Data Back from Watered Hard Drive
My 1TB Seagrave hard drive ended up about 6 feet down in the bottom of a canal last night, it sat there for around 2 and a half hours before being rescued. It has been sat in an air tight tupperware box filled with rice since last night.
Looking to find out if I can get these recovered, and if possible the cost of doing so. The used space on the hard drive is about 200-300gb.
However my phone was also involved in this incident so wont be able to answer any incoming phone calls.

Clunking Hard Drive
2TB WD external hard drive.
Was in middle of re-format when colleague force shut down computer.
Tried numerous software options, but none can detect any data. (Mac offers to initialise, windows ignores).
Have removed drive and mounted separately, but to no avail.
Hard drive makes heavy clunking when being read initially by computer, although computer cannot detect it.
Wondering if it would be possible to post to you to have a look (don’t think software is the issue or solution…).
Would prefer email contact if possible please as my mobile reception is poor where I live.
Any advice appreciated.

Laptop Broken
I have 2 old laptops that I cant power up (one the power connection is broken and the 2nd one I think is just a lost power cable) and was looking to see if you would be able to get old photographs from the hard disks. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the hard disks

Formatted HDD
HDD was formatted due to some sw issues. User had old profile folder on there and now wants it recovered. Recovery software shows as files being overwritten. Can this be recovered? It’s a WD My Passport, power supply still working and light is blinking in an even manner. Computer will not read drive, have had an error message saying disk needs formatting but have cancelled this. No access to any files. Was working earlier but then failed.

Logic X Recovery
While producing a song on Logic X, the vibration from the bass caused my candle holder to fall off my shelf, down onto my WD Passport External hard drive. My Mac then froze and I was forced to restart the Mac. After I had restarted, my hard drive was not identified and I tried this a couple of times. Later, my friend had tried to see if my hard drive was locked (can’t remember the actual term) and tried to input it into another Mac. He heard the sound my hard drive was making and it was clicking, he said something was damaged inside.
All my university work, photos and production is on that hard drive, and I would really appreciate it if you would help me out.