Lacie and Dell hard drive recoveries

Lacie Rugged Data Recovery
Whilst uploading a video to Vimeo my hard drive, a Lacie Rugged mini, has stopped working makes a strange noise and will not register on mac. The light is still on, it will flash and then stay lit. I think it must have been knocked. I’m in Leicestershire.

Comment: Hmm the Lacie Rugged Mini…. it looks like a standard external hard drive to me with an orange bit of rubber put around the outside and an extra £10 onto the price tag.

I’m just wondering if you can help with fixing an external hard drive? i have a rugged Lacie one which has 8 years worth of stuff on it but today i plugged it in at the power supply and nothing happens, no light, no noise, nothing. i also tried a couple of other cables and it wont work at all. is there any way to recover everything from it?

Dell hard drive no bootable device
No boot deviceI would like to get the approximate cost of recovering data from hdd that the Dell system doesn’t see anymore. Laptop doesn’t start with an error “no bootable devices found” and later when trying to see it via cmd (from bootable usb drive) it informs that file system is not recognized. Windows haven’t been reinstalled and failure happened during the normal pc usage (streaming a movie online), starting with BSOD

I have a Dell laptop running an external hard drive which does not seem to work anymore as it can’t be found by the system. The IT technicians at my work checked it out and listened to it. It is still spinning around but there are occasional clicks and a message saying No Boot Device – I think this might be because I pulled it out before the PC I was working on finished updating. I had closed all programs though. I mainly store word and PowerPoint documents for school on my hard drive.

Comment: You can find help about fixing this problem with your hard drive here –

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