iPhone forced update and donor hdd parts

iPhone forced update

My iphone 6s was forcing me to update and then when i updated it stopped working. I can switch it on but it displays the apple logo and switches back off. I was hoping to get all my data from the phone. I am in Wallasey, Liverpool.

Forced updates don’t always work and can end with an unresponsive iPhone. Sometimes when there’s no value attached to the data that is stored on the phone, a factory reset is all that’s required to get the phone working again.

Performing a factory reset will of course delete all the data on the phone. Therefore when a phone has become unresponsive it’s best to send it to a data recovery company in Leeds who will be able to recover the information from the phone.

The same will happen on iPhone x, where deleted data, messages, emails, snap etc need to be rescued.

forced iphone update

Data recovery Toshiba hard drive

I have a Toshiba 3TB SATA hard drive DT01ACA300 that is not being read by my computer and I am looking for a quote for data recovery of the drive

ReadyNAS Resync

My ReadyNAS got resynced and all the data got lost. The drives are all Toshibas, is there anything that can be done to recover the data?

A resync operation will often destroy all the data that was on the toshiba hard drives. If the data on them is important it’s best NOT to resync them and instead contact a data recovery services company in the Northampton area that will be able to retrieve the files for you.

Note: As I write this post I’ve also noticed the same problem happening with Seagate Expansion hard drives where the hard drive USB port seems to have broken so it will not connect to desktops anymore, can this be replaced/the data be saved from the harddrive?

Donor parts for data recovery

Please let me know if this is a service you can provide and if so is there further info you need to provide a quote? Discussing this over email is best for me if possible. I am looking for some hard drive donor parts for data recovery.

Need 2 donors for the following;
500 GB
S/N: WXC0A6977457
MDL: WD5000BEVT-11A03T0
WWN: 50014EE20331758E
DATE: 10 AUG 2009
LBA: 976773168
5VDC: 0.55A
R/N: 701609

Note: Data recovery companies in Leeds, Liverpool and Northampton will not often sell parts. This is sensible as data recovery is a complex process and should only be attempted by people who know what they are doing. You may have watched a few YouTube videos about data recovery and think you know enough to try this yourself. The fact is you don’t and you’re risking your data in order to save money.

My PC won’t mount my GRaid drive, although it knows that its there …

Need to recover CCTV footage to use in the family court

I need to have a Mac hard drive erased to prevent the risk of sensitive commercial data being recovered from it. Is this something I could bring to you to do?