iPhone Data Recovery

Lately I’ve received several enquiries about a data recovery service from Apple iPhones. These are reproduced below and I’ve now added a page to this web site about phone data recovery located at http://data-recovery-tips.co.uk/phone-data-recovery/.

Enquiry 1. I need my liquid damaged iPhone data recovered. I really just need videos which didn’t backup to icloud.

Enquiry 2. Hi, my iPhone has been stuck in an apple logo boot loop for over a week now, have tried updating unsuccessfully. Tried to replace the battery myself as I’ve done small repairs before myself but one of the screws holding the battery in place is stripped so I’m stuck at the moment. Not sure if the battery replacement will fix the loop problem but I would like to retrieve the data off my phone which I have lost if at all possible.

Enquiry 3. Hi! My iphone 6 totally died out of the blue, it does gave damage but that has been there for a year and not caused an issue – I have gone to icloud and no data whatsoever is there. I’m mortified – there are photos, videos and messages I need. I will be honest I have sent to a data recovery company and they told me there is a slim chance of recovery if I pay £400 + vat but cannot be sure due to no power, lifted components and trackpad damage and a bent logic board…..my question I suppose is – do u think this sounds like too big an issue to deal with? Could you deal with it?

So above are 3 common examples of when iPhones go wrong and need a data recovery service. Most types of data recovery are beyond the capabilities of us people who simply use the phones. This includes shops as well. A real data recovery company will be able to remove the chips from the device and read the data from them whether the phone is still working or not.

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