iPhone Data Recovery

Apple’s iPhone can be a difficult phone to recover the data from. Unless the error is something that doesn’t involve the phone’s hardware (chips and PCB most) I am now recommending that visitors to my site use the services of this iPhone recovery specialist http://phone-recovery.pen.io/. Of course, I am still asking you to contact me first but I’ll quickly be able to tell you whether to send your phone to me or to contact the people at Phone-Recovery (above). Here are the latest problems I’ve been dealing with.

different iphones

“iPhones 6S Plus (64gb) stuck in recovery mode after trying to update the iOs, despite lack of storage – update has worked for a few minutes and the phone was working fine, but then got stuck on “black” page – since then goes to recovery mode and every update trial fails with “Error 26“.

“My phone is stuck in a reboot loop of which on itunes i keep getting error 9 and 4005. From the research i have conducted it is the nand chip that needs repairing. Are you about to do this? if not are you able to recover the data on the iphone 6. I’m in the BB4 area

“I have an iphone 4S and the backup did not save the photos remaining – circa 80 pics – the phone has now died – is there any way to recover these photos?

“iPhone 7 is completely dead, would like data to be recovered

“I have an Iphone 7 plus which is stuck on a restart loop, where every time i try to restart it it just shows the apple logo. I’m in the M27 postcode of Manchester, and I wasn’t too sure if you deal with Iphones however, but if you think you may be able to retrieve my data that would be great. please contact me via email

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