How To Use The Data Recovery Tips Web Site

This web site provides you with tips and tricks to recover your own hard drive data.

This web site provides you with tips and tricks to recover your own hard drive data.

Hello and thanks for visiting the Data Recovery Tips web site. If you’ve got a problem with a hard disk drive you’ve come to the right place. This web site will help you to correctly diagnose what type of problem your hard drive has, identify some things you can try in order to recover the data yourself and also tell you some other things you should avoid doing to your hard drive.


Identify hard drive problems accurately and recover the data successfully.

First of all I suggest you start with the HARD DRIVE DIAGNOSIS page. Work your way through this page and you’ll be able to identify the type of problem your hard drive has. Once you’ve identified this I’ll point you to the recommended pages on the site for further information about the the problem, what you can do try to and recover the data yourself and what may have caused the problem in the first place.

Not all data loss situations are because of hard drive faults. Sometimes there’s nothing actually wrong with the hard drive. On these occasions you can more often than not use data recovery software to successfully get your files back. I’ll tell you how you can identify when using software to recover your data is an option and when it’s a waste of time.

There’s also a page where you can Contact Me. Tell me about your hard drive / data loss fault and I’ll try and assist you.

Finally there’s a page of recommended hard drive recovery (also known as data recovery) companies. You’ll need to use a data recovery company if the type of hard drive fault you have can not be fixed using the techniques and tips described on my web site.

If you’ve any questions, get in touch!

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