Help with hard drive recovery

Seagate ST3160812AS hard driveSeagate S/N 5LS136V5
ST3160812AS (Seagate hard drive specifications here)
P/N: 98D132-301
Firmware: 3.AAD
Date Code: 06236
Site Code: WU

HTC 10 Data Recovery
I have android mobile device called HTC 10. It was water damaged, and the device is constantly rebooting (it is behaving as though the power button is constantly being pressed down upon). The display is also dead. The buttons of the phone are not damaged. If there’s any amount of power in the device, it will constantly reboot, and it will not go past the splash screen before rebooting again. My laptop fails to recognise the phone when I plug it in via USB. Ideally, I want to recover all the images, videos, and a few text messages saved on the internal storage.

Windows 10 Crashes with data lost
I put the most recent update to Windows 10 on the laptop Sunday – after a few hours it was complete and needed to restart – when switched back on it entered safe mode and won’t come out of it – I have no back up or recovery disc and don’t want to lose the pictures on it, what can I do to get it back up and running? Drive fails to read. Disk Management in Windows 10 now shows the drive as accessible, but RAW format. 2Tb drive but only about 25% used. Please let me know the price for recovery.

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