Hard Drive Repair

Is it Possible to Repair a Hard Drive ?

Hard drive components and partsHard drive repair is something I get asked about a lot. Running a web site about data recovery, it’s a question that comes up all the time. The short answer to this question is SOMETIMES as it depends on what is wrong with the hard drive. Hard drive repair also varies in complexity, there isn’t a one size fits all solution, you don’t perform a certain secret procedure and a broken hard drive, regardless of fault, will begin working again. Also hard drive repair is often never 100% successful – particularly with invasive repairs – the one’s where it’s necessary to open the hard drive up to perform some repair operation – which is why data recovery companies will often return your data on a new hard drive, rather than the faulty one you sent to them – as even after it’s been repaired, the faulty drive does not operate as reliably or as well as it used to.

All hard drives work in similar ways but are basically the same regardless of whether they are operating in a Mac, a PC or an external hard drive. There are many different ways they can go wrong and there are various things that can be done to repair them and get the data back.

Remember, hard drive repair is only possible in certain circumstances. First of all, it’s necessary to diagnose the fault with the hard drive and identify the problem. You can do this now by visiting my hard drive diagnosis page here. Simply read what I’ve written and you’ll be able to not only identify what the fault with your hard drive is, but also the ways you can repair and recover the data from it.

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