Hard Drive Enquiries – June 2017

Greetings to everyone – here are just some of the enquries for hard drive recovery that I’ve been dealing with lately. If you’ve got a problem like any of these, please contact me for assistance in getting your files back.

Drive clicks / whirrs, it was dropped on the floor
had initial review by my IT dept but unable to retrieve data
EHD is Western Digital. Its a 1TB LG USB removable HDD, the USB connector at the hard drive end has broken off, can you help?

Missing dataI have a CD with 26 audio tracks on that will not play, although the media player looks to be playing the track no audio. Would this be something you could have a look at and see if you can recover the tracks? If you could call back next week that would be appreciated.

Dropped my Seagate External drive from thigh height. Computer won’t see it in file manager but it does show it in the eject disk drive window. Makes a small buzzing sound about once a second.

I have a HDD that has stopped working. This extra (data) drive runs fine with no clicks etc – it is just not visible when the computer runs (on c-drive). I had someone try software to resolve the problem but he says it is a hardware issue, possibly the internal circuit board of the HDD.
I know it is hard to say, but could you give me some idea of costs?
HDD Seagate Barracuda 1TB, 3.5 inch 7200RPM 64MB Cache SATA3 Hard Drive.

Phone repeats cycle of shutting down part way through boot process then restarting itself and shutting down…
I am hoping to retrieve data from internal memory.

Single drive in Nas has failed

I’m trying to repair a laptop to access the photos however the drive has been formatted with an attempt to reinstall windows and the laptop is no longer fully working. Would you be able to recover any data from the hard drive not that it has been formatted and the data could have been overwritten?

I have a problem with my external hard drive. Once connected to my laptop it doesn’t show on ‘my computer’ but it does show on disk management. I have tried everything possible to try and retrieve the data from my hard drive but I am having no luck. I am hoping I can find some solution here.

My hard drive won’t register when I plug it into my laptop and is making a clicking noise when I try to use it (when I first plug it in) and no data shows up.

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