Hard Drive and Data Recovery Round Up 1

SpinRiteSpinRite is a data recovery software tool. If the data to be restored is so essential that the user is ready to pay a small sum of money then SpinRight is often the strategy to use. SpinRight has functions that other applications do not have. SpinRight can recover useable data from bad sectors of the hard drive. I had been looking for data recovery in the internet and Data Recovery London and countless others popped up. Just how SpinRight functions is that it reads exactly the same bad sector up to two thousand times and every time it might get a different reading result. Then it compares the data bit and determines the right data based on several internal algorithm and places the recovered data to a good sector of the hard drive. A word of warning though, SpinRite should not be used on drives with many bad sectors as the program will stress the drive and often make it significantly worse. You can always contact me for advice if you wish.

Rearranging your hard drive partitions by shifting the drive letters is quite easy. If you would like to change drive D to drive E for example, just right click on the My Computer icon then click on Manage. You should then see all of your hard drive’s partitions and the information about their sizes, percentages of space used and free, the drives’ status and allocated drive letters. If you want to alter the drive letter, all you have to do is to right click the partition and click on Change Drive Letter and Paths.